VESC - Motor no spinning

After auto-detection the motors with out force they move correctly but, when I try to ride the scateboard they wobble and they don’t have force to move the skateboard with weight. Any suggestion? 16087413168327350737521739649828|375x500

I made a video of it to understand it.

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Are motors sensored? It’s hard to tell from the video.

It also seems like the wheels you have are very wobbly. You can try inflating them slowly and centering the tire on the hub to help improve that

The motors are sensored. Yes your wright about the wheels, I think the gears aren’t centered.

Did you run motor detection on the vescs and make sure the settings wrote? They shouldn’t be cogging that bad if they are sensored, plugged in, and detected properly.

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I will do it again, thanks!