Vesc/motor problems

Was riding down a hill when my motor wire disconnected. Ever since whenever I press accelerate or brake on my remote the vesc flashes red and doesn’t do anything. Anyone have any idea hope to fix this.

You probably have a DRV error unless you are running the latest firmware.

Kinda nooby question but what’s a DVR error and is a fixable

Typically it’s a damaged DRV chip and can be repaired.

Who repaires this. I have an Olin Vesc that has a bad chip

@JohnnyMeduse aka. DRV Wizard

Like pundahh said - A disconnected phase wire means almost certain death for your DRV chip - either you have the chip replaced, or you buy a new vesc.

Once you’re back up and running, I suggest you take some steps to prevent your phase wires from coming undone - zip ties, heat shrink, whatever is needed.