VESC no auto detection no motor spin up

Hey guys, I just finished soldering my VESC, sadly the auto detection doesn’t work. The motor (SK3 213kv) doesn’t spin up… I’m trying to fix the error, but there is no fault code in the terminal. Is there another way of debugging the VESC? Maybe someone had similar problems. I took two videos of the error.

Thanks, Peter

@PeterAufAbwegen are you getting VESC to communicate w BDLC Tool in any other way? i.e. can you read your version of the firmware, or read\write configurations? If so, that eliminates a bunch of variables. I’d look at the connection to your motor if you can communicate with the VESC via BLDC Tool.

Hi, jep I can connect the VESC, can upload the firmware and read and write configurations and also get realtime data. I just measured the 3 Motor Phases and they get voltage… I think the timing of the commutation is wrong…

I would find another shorter USB cable (possibly with the built in filter/ferrites if possible) to test with. I think Vedder cautioned long USB cable can cause issues. Worth a shot to eliminate.

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Hi, I’m having the same sort of problem.

I’m trying to use the Windows BLDC tool FW 1.14 for a vesc V4.10 that I recently bought from enertion.

I have downloaded and installed the VCP driver, before running the BLDC tool.

I have plugged in the USB cable from the vesc to my PC, and ensured the vesc is powered up. I get the standard windows audible response that it is plugged in.

I dont think the BLDC tool is recognising the vesc when I click on the upper “Connect” button in the top right hand corner of the screen. In the bottom right hand corner of the BLDC tool it says "Connected” for three seconds before it gets replaced with “No firmware read response” highlighted in red.

According to my windows device manager I only have a single USB port number “COM1” (the vesc is not appearing in the device manager).

I have opened the firmware tab, and then clicked on the “Read firmware version” button and I get no response. I have also tried multiple USB cables to connect it to my PC.

I am fairly inexperienced with this sort of open source technology, and if anyone knows where I am going wrong, I’d appreciate your help.

Try other COMs. I know it only says you have one but my computer worked at COM7 and it only has 2 USB ports.

Thanks, I have just tried everything from COM1 all the way to COM120. No luck.

did you download the drivers for the BLDC tool?

there is a folder labeled “drivers” (or maybe it is “windows drivers”… I can’t really remember) and there is a driver in that folder that you need to download.

Hope you get it all sorted out!

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Yes, I’ve done that.

Sorry… guess I didn’t see that.

Have you read this thread and made sure your VESC was all set up correctly? (i.e. Using a power supply) I’m pretty much a noob to VESC stuff, so if this doesn’t help at all, I’m sure someone else with more experience could chime in and help you solve this :smile:

I know that thread is pretty old already but was there a solution to that problem? I have a quite similar problem now… :

You are awesome! Fixed my issue