Vesc not getting ppm signal

I recently got 2 tb Vescs from a forum member and I have been setting them up and everything worked fine, I’ve done a motor detection and setup all the stuff how I think it should be but I’m having an issue with my receiver/ vesc. I can pair the remote and receiver and it gets power from the vesc but when I pull the throttle nothing happens. I’ve tried connecting the vesc to the vesc tool and checking the ppm signal but it doesn’t even register. I don’t know what could be wrong. any help is wanted

Show us a picture of your connection. :grinning:

Yep, I’ve been here😂.

What channel of the receiver have you plugged the VESC into? I had mine plugged into channel 1, plugging it into channel 2 had everything going ok.

Just trying to connect 1 Vesc for now but same issue with both

It’s not a channel problem as my remote only has 1 ppm channel the other is for a brushed motor

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I had this same issue with a TB vesc, where everything would set up seemingly correctly, but then the vesc wasn’t working. Dexter swapped that vesc out.

The issue has seemed to fix itself somehow. I just reconnected it how I had it went into the app and tried setting it up and it received the ppm signals. I have no idea that was going on.

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Be carefull with that, not that it drops out again while riding… sometimes it´s a solder or wire problem and can happen again!

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Thanks, good call. I’ll go slow for the first couple rides just in case

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