VESC one bullet connector disconnected from motor during ride

So while I was riding today, I hit a bump and for some reason in my case the VESC disconnected one of its connectors to the motor so only one motor ran(running split ppm). So now when I reconnected the motor to the vesc, now both motors aren’t reacting to my ppm controller.

So then I went back to check the settings on my vesc and try to reset the input settings, but now it’s saying the vesc doesn’t detect any signal from the ppm control. I checked all the lights and the VESC’s both light up and are fine as well as the remote control receiver’s light and they all light up.

Could it be my ppm cables are bad or my splitter is bad? Please help

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One of my phase wires disconnected while riding a while back but after re soldering everything still worked fine so hopefully nothing major crapped out on you. IDK what it could be though.


UPDATE: Turns out, the remote just disconnected, so I had to rebind the remote and reset the vesc input settings :slight_smile: