Vesc ordered from has not arrived


I’m in the middle of my first electric longboard build, and I ordered my vesc-unit from where it said that it was in stock. This was June 15:th, and I have still not recieved it. I have tried to contact the vendor multiple times by email and on their website, but without luck.

Now I am a bit torn about what to do, because I want to get my vesc before august and make shure that I don’t loose 130€.

Has anyone else experienced this and if so, how did you handle it?

Really thankful for any advice because my patience is growing thin…


Why would order from an unknown vendor ? Just go to your bank and do a charge back.

It was not an unknown vendor. My friends have ordered there before without any issues and people here on the forum has apparently not had any issues with them either.

My theory is that the people running the site is on vacation or something like that, but it is strange that it is not mentioned.

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