VESC overheating loss of Torque and Brakes ***HELP NEEDED***

Ok so I have a posted a couple times about this problem and really want to get to shredding. My board drops all Torque and brakes after about a mile to 2 miles. I can rip around @ 25-31mph and brake easily but then once I hit about a half mile it starts declining and then by a mile or 2 I can’t even get up to 20 mph. I previously ran 10s 5000mah lipos and series and would get 4+ miles @ 25 before losing power I figure the huge pack would give me more speed (which it has but only for a short time ) then a shit ton more distance.

TB 6374 190kv motor TB 12s4p TB VESC 4.12 16/36 with 12mm belt Running 97mm wheels but also have 90 and 83mm Nano 2.4 ghz remote

Is there anything wrong in my settings?

All I want to do is coast around the flat streets around 25-30mph for 10+ miles which the motor, VESC and battery should all handle. I do know I’m pushing the erpm limit

Does anyone know what the problem could be or what I can do

I’m not an expert by any means, but I have had similar issues recently. Started off with heat issues and moved on to battery issues.

I cut windows out of the clear shrink on the VESC around the Mosfets I drilled holes in my enclosure (yes no longer waterproof) I ordered a heatsink package off of ebay for about $2 –I’m not sure which of these helped but I definitely do not have heat issues anymore.

After this, I ordered a $10 HM-10 LP Bluetooth module. In my mind, this is the easiest solution to debugging these issues and was well worth the $10. It let me see that by VESC was cutting out because of extreme voltage sag which I could not see otherwise. It also gives you live temperature readings.

Example Screenshot:

Ya I’m thinking it has to be heat but when I touch my motor it isn’t burning hot. I mean it is very warm but not sizzilin. What setup were you running? Are my amps to high

I had 10S3P Li-ion 18650. with 36/16 100mm wheels. In the process of going 40/16.

I dont think your Batt/Motor Amps are too your high with single and 12s4p

The motor heat is different than the VESC heat as well. I have never experience motor heat with my twin 6355 (or even when I run single). I imagine you would experience MOSFET temp limit before MOTOR temp limit - All from my very limited experience

One of my VESC completely burned at about the same time yours was shutting down. It was after doing 25-30mph for a few miles - Trying to resolve my own similar problems :slight_smile:

Bluetooth module was well worth the money for charting statistics and debugging.

So all in all do you think there is a solution to my problem or do you think I just need a new vesc

I wouldn’t go out and buy a new VESC - You just need some hard facts to 100% know exactly what is going on.
You need to first figure out if it is VESC Temp, Motor Temp, Low Voltage that is kicking your board into lower power mode. “once I hit about a half mile it starts declining and then by a mile or 2 I can’t even get up to 20 mph”

Whether you do this through your laptop, bluetooth, or some other means - get some hard data.

No expert here either. But 12s and 190kv are over the erpm limit of the vesc. 10s and 190kv is the sweet spot. I run 12s with 170kv motors. Maybe this is part or all of the problem.

There are ways to limit the erpm in bldc tool under the motor tab. I am not the right person to help with that.

Search limit erpm. But becareful regarding the limiter and negative torque.

Best of luck.

If you can hold the motor for a 10 count then heat is not the issue. At least not motor heat…

I can hold it but it would be pretty hot for 10 seconds. Not burning but definitely not comfortable.

Can I limit the erpm or duty cycle? I just want to get some intense range. I did 12s because I’ve seen so many builds with 190kv 12s but now I’m regretting it! I was being greedy

@Namasaki @torqueboards you guys got any advice :raised_hands:t3::pray:t3:

You’re probably overheating the VESC. What’s the airflow in your enclosure? Use the bluetooth module and analyze the data. Usually when the VESC overheats it’s cutting the power. So you have worse performance later on. If you can, go dual drive. I mean, it’s easier on the motors, vesc’s, and battery. And it pulls like mad. :slight_smile:

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No to much air flow in the enclosure but I cut holes in the bottom side for the charger port, on off and voltage meter so it should have air flow. @psychotiller do you think I should make holes in the front for more air flow?

Dual drive is the next step. I just wanted this working first


Yeah, I literally cooked one of my VESC 4.12 in the enclosure without the airflow. I wasn’t monitoring it at all. When it was hot outside after like 5-7 min of bombing the roads it always started to cut top power. Enclosure was hot, so was the motor-but I could hold it without problems. It worked for like a month. Then on a very hot day after an hour of riding my first VESC went drv8032 :slight_smile:

Then with the new VESC I’ve started to monitor my temps, made some holes to let the heat out, even thought about the fan option. Well, after going dual with focboxes, my temps are at low 30-35C max with air temp around 20C. With VESC they were around 60+ with airflow on a single drive which was safe and it didn’t cut any power at all. So under 80C it’s safe but not in the long run anyway…heat is a b***h :smiley:

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The fan option seems like a pretty good idea if it’s cheap. So the only way to check my temp is with a Bluetooth modular? Otherwise a laptop would be off because it would be delayed due to me taking my enclosure off

Yeah but then you must get a step down converter because majority of fans operate at 12V. So that’s more things to stuff into the enclosure.

BT module with a phone app or even apple watch app is very handy and you can easily monitor the ride and act accordingly.

Wait how easy is that to setup? Is it just plug in play or does is require soldering? I’d do that in a heartbeat if it could just plug in my vesc

You’ll need the HM-10 bluetooth module with the 7-pin jst-xh 2.0mm connector to plug it in the VESC/focbox.

Look on ebay for an EZ run fan. They are easy to install in enclosures. Then you’ll just need a servo splitter to get power to the fan. Plug and play. I think honestly 12s/190 kv is the culprit. I have lots of builds with little to no ventilation and no overheating issues but I stayed within the vesc’s limits.

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