Vesc overheating problem

Hello everyone,

I am having problems with my off road configuration. When the road conditions are extreme, with stones and climbs, the vesc begin to cut the energy more and more, and I have to wait a few minutes to regain total power. I have tried to put some small heatsinks and make some holes in the vesc box and it has a better results, but it is not a complete improvement. Any ideas to solve this problem? These are the features:

126p Samsung 30q battery 8 "Trap Wheels Ratio 1: 6 12 teeth -72 teeth 2 engines 6374 250 Kv 2 vesc Maytech 4.14 Vesc tool configuration: Current max motor: 50 Current max brake motor: -50 Battery current max: 30 Battery current max regen: -12


Maybe you could get a 5v fan and power it with the vesc so it turns on with the board

The ppm port has a 5v, ground, and signal wire. If you spliced it to the 5v and ground wire it should turn on and off with the board

Or do you have a 3d printer?

No, sorry

I can try with a 5 v little fan. Where y can buy?

TenĂ­as ganas de soltar la gracia de turno

Mines a similar configuration as yours. I never see more than 45c in the following configuration