VESC polarity components


Next week I should be getting all the parts to build my first VESC I have one major concern and that is I am not sure what components do the polarity matter on. Does anyone have a list or images that show what components to make sure are the right way or direction. Is there any other tricky things I should prepare for. I made my own solder oven and I ordered my boards and stencil from dirtyPCB.

Look at the pictures on vedder’s github. I think there is an arrow or the name is in a special place (top left maybe) for the polarity.

The only thing I see is the line on the edge…

Maybe ask this on vedder’s forum. You might get some better answers.

What component are you asking about? The component placement seems pretty clear.

He is asking about the orientation of the components. Do they have to be in a certain orientation so they don’t short? How do you know which way to solder them.

Yes that is what i am asking or at least how many of them does the orientation matter.

The LEDs do. Your smartphone should have a high magnification to see the markings of the SMD LED.

alright i figured the LEDs, Schotty Diode, and im sure there are other was just hoping someone had a picture with them high lighted i noticed some of the parts on the image i posted previously some parts have a black line on the edge of them not sure why though.

I bet ya @chaka can help you out.

I hope someone can i have the next two days off and got all the parts I need and really dont want to mess this up…

I’d be interested to know this as well because I am about to build an Arduino Spot Welder. @chaka @Blasto

Diodes- Component: line marks the cathode Silkscreen: could diode symbol or just a plain line to mark de cathode

Led- Component: check the component datasheet, usually green dot on the bottom marks the cathode Silkscreen: same as diode

Tental capacitor- Component: line on component marks the positive side Silkscreen: thick line marks positive

Intergrated circuits- Component: little dot in the corner of the component marks the pin 1 Silkscreen: a dot should mark pin 1

Connectors Component: this one is tricky, depends on the manufacturer, usually pin 1 is marked Silkscreen: usually the component pin 1 pad is square, or can have a dot

For the other components, fets, shunts and voltage regulator… Well you should figure that one for yourself


I forgot to mention which side for the LEDs on the VESC. Its not silkscreen on the pcb. I had to check the comments on Vedder’s blog of the VESC to find the direction of the LEDs.

The ground is toward the side with the mosfets.

Check to make sure.

You’re about to solder your own VESC but don’t know polarity of some components, seems kinda backwards logic

Some people like to have goes at things they haven’t done before. Asking a question about something you don’t know isn’t bad.


Alright so i finished the board today but havent got to test it out yet i have a couple concerns…

when i put the board in my soldering oven some of the components move so i had to straighten them out with my regular soldering gun and i home i didnt over heat them or anything. Another issue is there is bridges all over the place in the small processor and motor driver. See images. also on the fets it looks like they might be shorted across the pins does anyone know if this will cause issues and can i try flash the firmware on it or will that mess it up?

Clean that board up with some wick, no chance in hell it will work looking like that. Go ez on the paste on the next one

Already clean it all up looks good and yeah first time ever using a stencil and there was a couple other issues i had with my homemade oven. Going to try flash it tomorrow morning crossing my fingures it works… Does anyone know if a 50v 1000uf capacitor on the battery wires will work instead of the 60v 2200uf?

what battery are you using?? and better luck next time, to find the right temperature curve. :smiley: