VESC problem, help!

hey there, I just received my new flipsky dual vesc V4, but I keep running in the same problem. When in the VESC tool I’m running the motor wizard setup of the master I have a bad detection problem. I’ve tried to switch in FOC, and when I run the detection and measurement of resistace and inductance the motor isn’t spinning at all and there are just a few noises and a message after a while is shownvsc%202vesc%20sc I’m running a 10s5p and two 1600 Watt motors edit, I forgot to include, when I use the remote and I accelerate there is no spinning at all, just a small noise kinda the motor tries to power up and then the red light from the master start blinking, but the slave even in the motor setup can work fine

did you check you sensor cables. maybe one cable or the plug became lose.

Either phase leads wrong or something is wrong with power stage, because measure motor R normally never fails…

EDIT: open terminal and write faults after red blinks

yep I did, it was the first thing I did, but nope, everithing is fine

did you swap the motors? to find out if it´s problem of the motor or the VESC itself. It runs fine on the slave, or you didn´t tried it there?

ok, just did, I copy the text it’s giving me cos I can’t upload the screenshot

The following faults were registered since start:

Fault : FAULT_CODE_DRV Current : -5.5 Current filtered : -18.9 Voltage : 37.86 Duty : 0.440 RPM : 90.4 Tacho : 1 Cycles running : 7 TIM duty : 3697 TIM val samp : 2 TIM current samp : 4200 TIM top : 8400 Comm step : 5 Temperature : 31.26

Fault : FAULT_CODE_ABS_OVER_CURRENT Current : 151.1 Current filtered : 144.0 Voltage : 38.62 Duty : 0.001 RPM : 40173.9 Tacho : 2 Cycles running : 0 TIM duty : 2 TIM val samp : 1050 TIM current samp : 3150 TIM top : 4200 Comm step : 6 Temperature : 30.97

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yeah, I did it to make sure and the motors are fine

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Looks like DRV is fcked, plus at positive duty negative current something is bad with esc itself.

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so… there’s nothing I can do?

you can sent it back. you have guarantee on it?

if no, you could ask somebody to replace the drv, in case you can´t make it by your own

but the question is also, what caused the DRV to fry

I hope so… honestly I haven’t run the board at all, and I followed the instructions given… what could the reason of the drv to die? I’m using an antispark loopkey

Maybe faulty, or just conditions met the right moment…

Are you 100% percent sure its not the antispark plug? I had similar symptoms not long ago, blamed the motors but it was actually the antispark plug not having enough contact with its counterpart.

Well DRV itself reports error so I doubt it will be spark plug…

I didn’t check for the error codes but everything else sounded similar to my case :slight_smile:

I don’t think its the spark plug, how can I be sure about it? If I use the tester everything is fine, and the slave shouldn’t work at all like master vesc, am I wrong?

What’s the other error? ABS over current, what does it mean?

ABS = Absolute its like the maximum current the vesc should see, according log it measured 144A which is bit bullshit or just one phase is broken and that’s why it doesn’t work as it was practically shortening one phase

bullshit for sure, my battery should give max 100A and as I said I didn’t ride at all so I don’t think I could reach that power without even spinning motors. What do you mean the phase is broken? Sorry, completely newbie and I’m trying to learn as much as possible