is online! Public VESC-Tool download

Hi Builders, we are proud to announce that from now on, the website is online! It took a very long time time to get to this point, but we think it was worth to taking the time. The project now rests on solid foundations to build upon, easing things in future.

What can you expect? You can access the VESC-Tool download and the forum, other sections will follow soon. Beside a good start into the week you will be able to use the new FW 3.27 with your 4.xx hardware. Your 4.xx will still be a 4.xx, but FOC is a lot better and all the new features, like the input wizards and throttle curves, are available. Note that this update won’t make HW 4.x more robust against broken DRVs for certain motors, so if you had problems with a motor and HW 4.x before it is likely to remain.

VESC-Tool is available in various versions. They are all perfectly the same except one tiny detail: If you choose to contribute financially to the growths of the project, you will be granted a status according to your donation. A polished logo and special thanks will always remind you of your big-hearted decision to support the project. A status version of VESC® Tool can be upgraded for 6 months without loosing the status badge.

Users of the original hardware can download VESC® Tool Original, entering a code for access that will be supplied with your hardware purchase.

Users of hardware not having a bootloader installed will profit from using VESC-Tool. Benjamin added a bootloader upload tab that can be found under the firmware section. This way you will be able to use the new firmware without the need to install a bootloader via a st-link programmer. Your USB connection does the job!

The first time you upload the new firmware to a HW4.xx ESC you must select the correct hardware version in VESC Tool, as the old firmware does not tell VESC Tool which hardware version it is. After the first update the hardware will be selected automatically.

Please visit the forum on the vesc-project website and read through the sticky threads in the beta section - especially this one: Third party hardware and software, such as bluetooth modules and apps, should only be used if the distributor confirms the safe usage in combination with the new FW! Check first, then use!



Can you explain in more detail what do you mean by original hardware, and the hardware purchase thing. Thanks

Shoot I selected the wrong hardware version for focbox. How can I change it now?

Suppose to be 412 right?

in what way foc is better in 4.12. im using 218 foc it is stable at the moment, but does this tool improve over the old?

And btw no mac ver yet i guess.

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We offer the original VESC-Project hardware release and there is a VESC-Tool Original version available for this piece of hardware. It’s pretty much the same like the other releases but using a different branding and status badge. For the beta phase we excluded the HW 4.xx FW in this version for example. We know our hardware and this enables Benjamin to e.g. set different limits for the configuration that would maybe kill other hardware. We will see more different hardware in future and some HW might have different limits. In consequence you need a VESC-Tool more specific for this piece of HW. Houses for courses…


Just upload the 4.12 again.


You should update! 2.xx is outdated. The new FW is a lot better. It’s not recommended to use the old FW and BLDC-Tool any more.


No MAC, sorry. You can run a virtual machine though. Virtualbox should work.


Thank you Frank!

I just got it compiled on macOS. Haven’t connected to my VESC yet but it looks promising!


I had accidentally uploaded focbox as HW as 48 and now I don’t see option to change to 412. Do you mean bootloader tab?

Can I download it without making an account?

No, you need an account.


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Once you uploaded the FW, VESC-Tool will recognize your HW and you will only get suitable FW as an option. For non-default FW there is checkbox below the FW window.

Changing the FW if this has happened:

Download FW for HW 4.12: Use the custom file tab in VESC Tool to upload the firmware.


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Won’t connect to BLDC tool anymore. Only connects to VESC tool

I use FOCBOX, so is it hw 48 or 412?

It has always been an ordinary 4.12 with Direct FETs. This is exactly the reason why its better to tell your customers what HW version they deal with.

Don’t FOC your Box by choosing the wrong FW!



Thanks again!

@Frank,Great work!