VESC Questions Thread

Hi guys, I have been on this forum for a few months now and one thing I notice is how many VESC question threads there are. I just received the majority of the parts for my first build, so I figured I would, too, have plenty of questions. So, I’ll start with a few questions and feel free to comment any of your questions below!

My experience: I have a SPACE Cell 3, single carvon v2.5 hub, and a carvon VESC. Jerry sets up some of it for you, so I figured why not! Anyway, I was wondering about the current and voltage limits. Is there like a formula for each of these, I.e. Cutoff start is 4x-3 where x is battery voltage? Also, I have one of the Bluetooth modules that connect to your phone that allow you to monitor your board, how could I set that up?

I don’t know if this topic will catch on, but hopefully this becomes a convenient thread to post your VESC Questions!

You will need to set your baud rate on your vesc and wire the bluetooth module to the vesc. Also select PPM + UART if you are using a ppm remote

Voltage cutoff depends on your cells chemistry. For my lipos I started the cutoff at 3.6 per cell and end at 3.4 per cell, so 36 and 34 volts on my 10S pack. That could be a little conservative but I’d rather be on the safe side.

Also, out of curiosity could you share the max motor/battery amps that the carvon VESC comes configured with?

Yeah, I should get it within a week or two, I will be sure to check that.

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