VESC sensored/Hybrid setup

Hey guys,

Two questions regarding the vescs setup:

  1. When i run Start Detection for BLDC mode, it works for the “three” values, but it always says that the Hall sensor detection failed … what can i do?

  2. i have purchases a sensor wire to connect my torqueboarda 5065 260kv with my vesc, but i dont seem to find any tutorials on how to set up a hybrid mode properly … any ideas?

Cheers guys!

So you say that you have a sensored motor but you can not get the detection to detect them properly?

EDIT: Try it in FOC mode because I found that some sensors work in FOC perfectly but I could not get them to detect in BLDC.

I hooked up the sensor wire, then put it in Hybrid mode in the BLDC tool and hit start detection. These are the results:

Detection results: Integrator limit: 84.74 BEMF Coupling: 832.24

Hall sensor detection failed: -1, -1, -1, -1, -1, -1, -1, 6

This is the motor that i have

Also when I click on Hybrid mode and then write configuration, I can not spin the motor using my remote, even though the vescs light turns green when i hit the throttle.

same exact thing happened to me last night. when I went into the FOC tab it would detect sensors though and fill out the table. I just wonder if i use BLDC that the sensors would be calibrated.

do the hall sensors require the sensor wires?