VESC + Sensored Motor + Hall Sensor + Pulley for 200€ (Made In Denmark)

Just discovered this website:

I haven’t done any research or purchased anything from them, but aparently they claim to have a good VESC build in Denmark, and they seem to be legit (they appeared in an Ultimaker promotion video).

The only posible drawback is that it seems that the vesc comes without any wire soldered on it.

I’m not doing any promotion on their site, as I said, just found them and it seemed a good deal to me considering its not coming from china ahahah

you didn’t discover anything…

i’ve seen people in here with faraday vescs :joy:

I’ve been buying from them for a couple of years. High quality stuff. And the best aftersale service you can imagine. Sune pedersen even spotwelded a battery pack to me for free

Whoops ahahha, then nevermind, forget everything I’ve said :joy:

Decent kit. I’ve heard their VESC is high quality.

Noticed they have BATTMAN BMS for sale, 180€ LOL. But I thought that thing is dead :confused: