VESC setting advice?

I’ve been running the more conservative settings(top pic) and been slightly underwhelmed by my performance, after doing some more reading seems I had them somewhat wrong so want to change to bottom picture settings. I’m running VESC hw4.12 from hobbyking which is rated at 50A continuous which is why I had absolute max set to 50 but everyone seems to say set it to 130A though I can’t figure out why and am still in the dark as to what it actually does ?

Turned the motor current max brake up a bit seen people running higher so assuming it will be fine but is there a max difference between that and battery regen before you cook the VESC?

Finally I’m running 2x5s 6000mah turningy graphine batteries which it says ok the hobby king website have a max charge rate of 10C but could find if this was continuous or peak ? If so can I turn up the battery regen?

Sorry for long post, help much appreciated ?

@torqueboards had a great article about vesc settings

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