Vesc settings for 10s E-MTB

I just changed my e-mtb from a 12s TB ESC to using a vesc. Im not sure which version. Possibly 4.18. With the TB esc, I was getting pretty good acceleration from low speed, but a max of 19 to 20mph. With the change from the TB esc to the vesc, plus hall sensors configured for BLDC, I can accelerate from a stand still without the cogging, but its really slow, until you get to around 10mph, then its like turbo.

Shoots up to 20 (guessing, because it was a little too fast for my taste and I backed it down, but my GPS wasn’t being very responsive, I couldn’t tell how fast I was going beyond 20, but it was still accelerating, where the TB ESC’s top out at 19 to 20.

Can someone take a look at these motor vesc settings and let me know if this is good for a 10s battery?
10 s battery dual 6355 - 190kv Dual vesc, ppm split and one 5v cut. 7" evolve tires

Post a screenshot of the BLDC tab and the first two tabs in PPM

Im guessing these are what you are looking for