Vesc settings questions

hello all i have some questions about some of these settings i would like to ask you all. i would like to apologize because i am sure they have been asked before but i am having trouble finding answers to my questions. i have questions about the regen braking, and motor erpm limits.

as for the regen braking. there seems to be two levels of settings for the brakes theres the motor and the batt… does this mean i can run the motor breaks at say 80 amps but only pull 3 or 4 amps towards recharging the battery? (i have a quad drive and dont want to exceed 12 amps of charge current). what is the motor max and motor min regen? this min setting is very cofusing…

And as for the erpm limits i am running 12s at 190kv so i will come close to the drv chips max rpm… so i will want to set a somewhat conservative rpm limiter so i do not burn the chip. what rpm should i set and where do i set it? what are these min and max settings for the rpm limiter? i get the max as that is where i would set the rpm limit but what should the minimum setting be? i would assume 0 so it wont be idling forward at all times like an automatic car am i rite?

thank you all