Vesc settings single r spec 6374 10s foc

Hi all. I am anticipating some parts arriving and wanted to see if I could get a little feedback so I don’t fry my vesc. Thanks!

Please read the forum / read about VESC configuration. Otherwise contact people who have people who have both rspec 6374 and or VESC personally. This is the same config with raptor mono more or less.

I am sick of reading, but guess I need to do some more… I was just hoping for some general advise. Thanks

On every page I’ve read about VESC settings it’s advised to stay away from FOC control at the moment. Use it through BLDC on the current with brake mode (not reverse). Settings for the VESC can be found in the VESC topic.

With how nice FOC mode is compared to BLDC, and having my “platinum” warranties, I think it would be worth it to put these things to the test (at least until no more warranty). I am just waiting for a motor to arrive, and I am going to FOC that mother up:) I will just follow Vedder’s video word for word and take my time. I was just looking to see if anyone had any other words of wisdom…

I’m pretty sure nobody is going to send you a new one when you burn it through FOC settings. I suggest you stock up on DRV chips and mosfets. But let us know how your experience went.

If I remember correctly, enertion dude said that if you buy the warranty and fry the vesc any way possible he will fix or replace…

So far I let them know, they got right on it and I sent my vesc to tx