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VESC Shipments? | Between FEB and Present |

I ordered a VESC from diyelectricskateboard on February 20th and was wondering when the shipment for the previous batch was.

When I ordered it, it said it would ship around the end of March and early April, but I haven’t gotten any notifications about impending shipments, etc. It just states it’s on hold.

Also, who maintains what around here? By that I mean online shops such as Enertion and Diyelectricskateboard, etc.

he said somewhere that the vesc he got had problems so they got delayed till mid april. and @torqueboards is diy, @beetbocks is alien and, @onloop is enertion.

also TB my belt broke today would the 60T option be a good replacement?

@lilracerboi - PM me with your order number. I received the PCB’s but the USB port is actually the incorrect port. Already placed an order for the parts and waiting for them to come.

  • Swap out the twisted USB port.
  • Connect all the 10awg/XT90 wires.
  • Load firmware/bootloader
  • Motor detection

Etc… So I’m working on getting it out ASAP. Shoot me an email so I can checkout your order.

@torqueboards Have their been any updates to this. Eagerly awaiting assembling my board.

@boards - Sorry for the delay. Had to purchase a few components to replace the parts. I’m looking to get them out ASAP.

Sorry for the mishap. If you can send me your order # that way I know to look out for your order.


@torqueboards ill no update on this :frowning: I understand more delays, but I need to know if it’s going to be after the end of the semester I need to change my address…

@boards - I can be reached on live chat as well as by email. Posting on here won’t get you an immediate response all the time. I would recommend using those options in the future.

Late March shipments still haven’t happened and its June… Complete lack of public communication for this.

agreed. At least send update emails out after taking peoples money… pretty lazy imo