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Vesc shorting on first try

My vesc(enertionboards) burned a bit of the pcb. On the first test i used a 3s lipo to power up the vesc for testing purpose. directly the pcb just burned away, see attachment. just on the other side of the red wire.

3s(zippy 3s 30c 5000mh) could be a bit too much power so i tried a 9v battery later with same kind of result(with sparks). used a bit of metal to bridge the gap.

Could anyone point out if there is something wrong on this vesc?

the other side.

There wasn’t anything else burning or smoking.

ps. where the red wire is soldered on the pcb was touching the regulator on the left.

So power was shorting on ground side?

I’m guessing you saw the sparking at the circled area?

If yes, then that means that you are just shorting out your battery. That solder job needs to be cleaned up, not a big job, but I don’t know if you own a soldering iron.

I reckon he is referring to the underside of the red wire - other side of the pcb. 1st photo, bottom middle just left of the white molex connector, where the solder has burned away all around the base of the cable foot.

Yep RogerD is right,
After work ill try to bridge that gap.
i did try to desolder the motor wires, but my soldering iron isnt hot enough.

Don’t attempt repair yourself.
Another example of shoddy quality, your vendor should stand by his product and offer you a solution.

I don’t know the design of the Enertion CAP PCB but something tells me + / - are the wrong way around somewhere.

Yep, compare your XT60 orientation to this picture. If you connect the battery again there is a decent risk the caps will pop :P.

Edit: wrong picture xD.

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wow nice catch, the xt60 is totally on the wrong way

Keen eye @JTAG
we got a blue light now :smile:
ill make a adapter for it, soon ill test it with the blcd tool.

Should make one of these next time ( smoke stopper ) would have saved you from the shorting

This was clearly not built correctly. If there was a surge in connecting this backwards it may have damaged the VESC. I would connect with @carl.1 and see what they say before you swap the connector or try to make an adapter.