VESC Shrinktube Wrap Size?

Does anyone know of a proper size for the entire ESC? Had mine repaired so it’s naked now. Or just the 3 capacitors? One of mine has them both protected. Thanks!

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2inch should do the Job


Thanks @JohnnyMeduse for the reply.

We are using 68mm shrink tube, since 2 inch only fit with all the connectors if you’re very lucky.:slight_smile:

just ordered a bunch of this, hopefully it will be here soon. I’m not using my enertion vescs without it and they didn’t come with it.

where do you find this size tubing??

He hasn’t logged on in over a year bud lol

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a man must try :sweat_smile:

can’t find a shrink tube that fits over my vesc plus heatsink

I might have something but all my stuff is packed up atm. They had to bomb my whole apartment complex for a crazy bad fle outbreak…

Hobbyking has clear 50-55mm at the very least.

Amazon tho homie.

Search Amazon for 70mm heat shrink

I can’t find clear tubing that big anywhere! check amazon and ebay

CHEERS, pest controls coming to my place tomorrow AYYYEEE


Buy this, it’s high quality.


I’m sure there’s more, that’s what I found in about a minute. Seriously go with the first choice though. Their shit is NICE.

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thanks. apparently I suck at searchin =/

I’m just giving you a hard time, it sucks ass I’ve just been doing it for way too long.

The easiest way will be to go off of Amazons initial recommendation, then further.

Like, it’s not heatshrink, it’s heat shrink

Try per 25mm 25 mm, 75mm and so forth 2inch, 2 inch, 2", etc.

Clear heat shrink tube wrap 3 inch, ya git it. Sometimes to find what you want, you have to do every single fuckin combo. You get fast at it after a while haha

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do you think this is a terrible idea?


cut some tubes and krazy glued them to make one larger tube.

Not much wrong aside from if you don’t do an even layer you’ll get some strange pulling near the glue areas. I’d just buy what you need.

A better question is how far off is what you have from what you need? Get a pair of long needle nose pliers, or anything that opens outwards and has leverage, and stretch that shit open.

What you have looks like pretty decent quality, just stretch the shit out of it.

sadly I don’t have plyers long enough or that open enough to stretch this. If I did it would prolly work cuz it’s maybe 1/2" from where I need it to be. Anyway too late, I already went for it!


honestly it seems fine, this shit’s DIY after all right? Unless there’s some risk involving krazy glue and thermal properties or something and the VESC I think I’ll just go with this

Any normal pair of kitchen poultry style shears, or just plain scissors, should be long enough. If you don’t have baby arms you and another person pulling with a screwdriver on each end should be long enough.

Either way, whatever works works.

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