VESC shutting off when plugging in hall sensor cable

Hey all.

So I’m trying to wire up the sensors of some cheap 6374 motors I bought from Ebay. I cut the 5 pin JST and wired it to a 6 pin, however whenever I plug in the cable, the vesc just shuts off.

I can unplug it and power off and on the VESC, and it’s fine. Before cutting and wiring my second motor, I tried connecting the 6 pin JST wires to the same wires on the second motor, and it didn’t exhibit this problem.

Any ideas on what could be causing this/a fix?


UPDATE: Took the bell off the motor; the PCB was broken; that would explain it.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: solved your own stuff. Welcome to the builders forum.


Select you second post as the solution.