VESC snug fit 3dp case

I haven’t stumbled on a good case and was annoyed by the look and fitting all parts in the grey pvc junction box. So I created this snug fit box that you can easily print. Needs 2.5mm Polyamide screws for mounting the VESC.

Since this had to be finished in a hurry I had it printed on some PLA spitter but it will for sure be even nicer from shapeways or the like. I recommend printing it with an STL printer - I’m not fond of PLA.

Suggestions for improvement are welcome. You can find the stl files on Thingyverse.


quick question: is it a good idea to put the vesc in an enclosure while running ? if heat builds up most PLA and ABS will warp…also it may need some air so putting some holes in the case and sticking some fine mesh would also be a good idea :smiley:

So far I have had no heat issues. I didn’t have air holes before either. I am more concerned about dirt and water that’s why I didn’t put any venting holes in.


ok…just so that you know…at 24* some pla may start warping…Abs will last a bit longer but don;t expect more than 30 :slight_smile: downloaded and will give a try once i get my VESC :frowning:

I was just looking for a VESC case. Superb!! Thanks!!

I have hd no trouble with the VESC overheating in a closed case either. But to be on the safe side you could cut out space for a heat sink. Just an idea :slight_smile:

I will make changes upon request. Regarding heat sink cutout - if you wanted to add a heat sink to the three fets on top as well as the bottom - you would need to mount the vesc sideways. That could prove sub optimal in regards to the longboard use.

Adding air vents in the direction of travel would certainly help a lot for someone having to deal with overheat issues. The next level would be to add a small fan + air channel - but then you have to live with the noise.

Do you think it would put my VESC at risk of a short if I used metal screws instead of polyamide?

im using metal screws

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I just used polyamide screws to have a point of failure that wouldn’t cost (much) money. You can of course use metal - but I don’t feel too comfortable doing so.