VESC stopped working after months of use

My vesc stopped working after months of use. Here’s the story: I built a dual motor board with dual VESC and have been riding it for the past 6 mouths. Today the weather was 90 degrees F and I went out for a ride. About 10 minutes in my board stopped responding. One of the motors still spun up but very slowly. The other one didn’t move. When I got home I connected to BLCD tool and went to the terminal and typed in “fault” I was great with “FAULT_CODE_NONE”. I did this for both VESC and got the same results. However, the normal red LED’s that blink three times when I power up the board only blink on one of the VESC. The blue and yellow LED’s are solid. What is going on here? Any help here would be awesome. Thanks in advance.