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VESC the Weakest Link?

I have recently built my board and I believe it is over engineered in some aspects leaving the ESC as the weakest link- essentially limiting the boards abilities. Can anyone confirm this? And any suggestions how to get the most out of my setup would be much appreciated.


  • 6374 Turnigy non sensored 192kv 4kw motor (single drive)
  • Turnigy 4.12 ESC 50A continuous, 240A burst
  • 2x Hobbytech 6s 5ah 35c lipos in series

My battery can output 175A (max), motor can handle 80A, VESC 50A continuous. I have therefore set my max battery output to 40A, with the potential of 50A (however I’m unsure whether this will put my VESC at too much risk?).

So my question really comes down to this- is the additional power which my motor can handle and my battery can output basically wasted? Would I have been better off with a 6355 motor (50V x 40A = 2000W which is still under its max of 2500W), and a 25C battery?

Thanks in advance!

What are you expecting from this build? Do you have specific things that it must do to be acceptable?

You have a single drive, limited to 40a battery current. Its not going to be a BEAST… its probably going to win an esk8 race.

Few variables to consider when talking about performance.

  • gearing ratio and wheel size
  • rider weight

if your expectations are simply a board that you can cruise around on, go up mild inclines, and have fun with… i think it is capable of that.

6374 is the right choice for single motor build.

Thanks for the response @onloop.

I think it comes down to wanting to make the most of what I’ve got and also a bit more knowledge around what would be the best approach for a future build. It seems like I could’ve gotten away with a 6355 and 25C to save money and essentially the same performance? Is there any benefit of a 6374 (4000W) when your ESC can only handle 50A (2500W)?

I am running 15:36 gearing and 75mm wheels. With those small wheels it really punches quite well though.

Generally speaking, the bigger the motor the better. More copper, bigger magnets, more robust.

Especially when you only have one motor, bigger is good. Same concept applies with battery and esc.

Operating electronics with a large head room in terms of the components rated peak is smart and will generally increase longevity.

But, as many before you will confess, its hard to stop once this journey begins. You probably will build another board one day, it will probably have upgraded parts.

The optimal build in terms of cost and performance is a concept/strategy that is often desired by first time builders. This target fades away as your journey of esk8 builder unfolds. What you want now and what you need and desire are just abstract concepts…

Next minute you have started your own esk8 company and are making custom motors and electronics.