Vesc_tool .94 Android APK?

Anyone have the Vesc_tool .94 Android APK? I’m running the Dual 4.2 Flipsky and want to test to see if I’m getting and faults/cutouts. I’ve got the VESC set at 50/-50amps… I’m not getting any cutouts currently and would like to double check with some telemetry. The current .95 android apk won’t get stats from the board on .94


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Well… since no one seemed to have the APK and it’s open source… took some time to figure out how to compile it… Got a .94 build running on my android… it reads the 4.2 dual outputs… unfortunately it’s raining pretty hard so testing will have to wait.

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Please keep us updated if the older fw works better :slight_smile:

I have been running the older firmware just fine… Upgraded then my flipsky dual 4.2s just stopped working past 30A motor current.

On older firmware it’s set to 50A with no cutouts…

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