Vesc tool not responding to remote, only one motor spinning

Hey there! I am using the flipsky 4.20 dual Esc. The remote is the VX1. I am currently having a problem. My vesc is connecting to the remote as I can see at the LED’s. The problem is that the remote is showing up. I tried every channel, “ppm” and the others too. So basically I can’t use the remote. Besides that, when I want to setup the motors, only one motor is spinning. Maybe someone can help me with these issues.

Thanks a lot!!

Only one one side the LED’s are blinking, does that mean something?

The other side is dead.

so no programming mistake?

No. If there’s no led, its dead. I would look into a different esc. Try the makerx dv4. Unless you’re using strong motors.

I am using flipsky 2 motors 2,5kW, so pretty strong ones I’d say. Do you know what could be dead? The canbus? And thanks for your replies!!

I have very little knowledge, but i will assume its probably the Canbus or pcb that connects the two sides. Since you’re using strong motors, I’d look into making a loopkey system and just get a makerx DV6 or a stormcore 60D.

Don’t buy another flipsky.

Are you using PWM (“PPM”) control? Did you change “Control Type” to “Current Hyst Reverse with Brake” or is it still set to “Off”?

Upload a screenshot of your VESC Tool not responding so we can help you better

Yes, I have tried every channel. I personally think the one side of the ESC is just dead or maybe its just the canbus. not even the USB port is working on that side. Whats really strange for me ist the fact that the receiver for the Remote is working, although its on the not working-side. I never even used the Board, just was finishing the last steps.

Thanks a lot guys!!

And as you can see, theres only one Motor showing up…(CAN-Devices)

Yeah this pretty much seals it. I am only assuming though.

In the bottom left there should be two CAN devices listed, not one. So this is the path you should go down. Are the two ESCs linked on the circuit board or do you have to run a CANBUS wire between them?

But the problem of no blue light on the other ESC is bad news, it seems like it’s not even powered on. Did you contact Flipsky?

They are linked on the circuit board. I am already in contact with flipsky, they are very friendly and helpful and I hope I’ll be able to find a solution. Thanks for the help!!

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