In the middle of building my board and next up is to config my 2 FOCBOXES. I have both the BLDC tool from Enertions website and the new VESC-tool. After having a look around in both programs I feel that the VESC-tool has a lot more info when it comes to setup and the different settings. Is there any pros/cons to using the VESC-tool instead of the BLDC tool? Has anyone tried programming FOCBOXES yet with the VESC-tool?

it’s the same program with a different user interface, I believe

You should really read this thread, people are having problems with FOCBOX-es because of VESC Tool.

Why not just use the extended bldc tool by @Ackmaniac that has a lot of the features that vesc tool has?

At the moment i run my focboxes with the new VESC-tool/firmware. I cant get FOC mode to work , so im running in BLDC mode. Even though i`m looking forward to be able to run FOC, i think they run grate on BLDC as well.

Im running FOC with the VESC Tool, 12S and FOC with Torqueboard 130KV hubs. No issues

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THe extended BLDC tool doesn’t come with all the nice information about all values, doesn’t come with setup wizard. However I think going with the extended version later on when I have everything up and running is on my list. I want to start off east on the setting and mods on my first 2 FOCBOXES.

The extended BLDC tool does come with a load of explanation when you pass your mouse over… It’s more complete than the actual BLDC tool.

Oh really? Didn’t know that! I will head over to the post and start reading again.

Not everything is detail, but enough to help…

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Don’t know how complete the vesc tool is when it comes to explaining the settings, but extended has info for most settings I believe.

Does have a guide/setup wiz for setting up FOC mode as well. I used this to setup my FOCBOX (single drive) and it runs smooth with no issues.

I’m out of the loop a bit with this. I’d like to upgrade the FW on my FOCBOXes but don’t know if the new VESC tool is working with FOC yet.

I read through this thread but it looks like it still hasn’t been solved? Is that case?

Get the new Ackmaniac-ESC-Tool! FOC on Focboxes has been solved

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Yeah, I’m aware of that. But with the VESC-tool it hasn’t? Is that what you’re saying?

The reason I ask is because I wanna use this iOS app and it’s not compatible with Ackmaniac’s tool.

The new Ackmaniac-ESC-Tool tool is based on the vesc tool and not bldc tool anymore. The app should be updated in a couple days I guess (if it is not already compatible)

I was already aware of everything you’ve typed in both your responses. But my question remains unanswered.

Has the FOC bug with FOCBOXes been fixed in Vedder’s VESC-tool?

We had no issues passing a FOC-Box that was reported not to work. We tried several motors and PPM input devices. All combinations worked so far. Simply give it a try. Use lower voltage when doing the detection avoid any issues (e.g. 3S battery). Should work just fine. If not: come back here or better: use the vesc-project forum and post your comment there.


He shared what he found was the problem


Thanks. I’ll give it a go. If it doesn’t work then I’ll install Nico’s firmware. Hopefully Vedder will fix the problem too. It would be nice if he pulled Nico’s code.

If you are aware of everything: did you actually check if the app works with the new Ackmaniac-ESC-Tool versions? I guess it will work as is - would be counterintuitive if he changed the protocol and commands