VESC Tool "Serial port error: Device not configured" - MacOS

I am trying to update the firmware from 2.18 to 3.31 with VESC Tool. I connect my VESC and get the message my firmware is too old, so a limited connection is available which is understandable.

But on flashing the firmware 3.31 from the VESC Tool itself or flashing firmware 3.28 from @rpasichnyk I get this error

Serial port error: device not configured

Here is the debug log

After trying to flash the firmware my vesc disconnects and I can’t reach it anymore other than by manually restarting the board…

I am using @rpasichnyk’s Mac compiled VESC Tool

PS: this is the second time posting this topic, since it seems the first one didn’t go ‘public’ or something

edit: PPS: oh wait it did, thought that since this bar was missing

The topic might have gone in dm-mode or something since I tagged rpasichnyk…

Apparently there was no bootloader present.

hey mate, how’d you solve this ? Did you just upload the boot loader via the vesc tool ?

Correct. I used the Vesc tool, not bldc

I’m having the same issue with the 3.0.0 Mac VESC tool. How did you update the bootloader?