VESC torque problems


i am building a small electric scooter with a VESC. The motor is a turnkey sk3 63mm 193kv and a 10S4P battery. The problem I’m having is after a while there is no power anymore. The first 2-3 minutes I am able to go full throttle without a problem but after a while (mostly after going full power) I can’t get any power out of the system, it is really slow and doesn’t go as fast as is should. The VESC settings are in the pictures.

You miss so many key points, like what receiver or control mechanism you use, maybe motor/vesc overheats? How do you transfer power from motor to wheel and etc :wink: Also which VESC.

P.S. Your currents without decent cooling is kinda pointer here 85A on 4.12/focbox without a cooling is like burning it and definitely can trigger temp cutoff

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yea what he said^^^

I bet it’s thermal throttling

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Why is your battery cutoff at 0v.,.

Edit: if you are running 10s it should be at least at 33start and 30end


I’m running a htd5m 15mm setup with 20t-60t. Vesc is 4.12, but shouldn’t i have fault in the terminal when i hit top high temperatures? The terminal doesn’t show any faults after when i hook up the Vesc after the problem occurs? I am controlling the vesc with a thumb throttle and e brake trough an Arduino and programmed the Arduino to give a servo output

Nope, it is a soft cut-off starting at 80°C. When you reach that temperature, the VESC will gradually start to reduce power, so exactly what you are describing. This will not produce an error. The hard cut-off is at 100°C, which is what the soft one keeps from happening. If you want more continuous power you can heat-sink the FETs. There are a couple of good examples how to do it around the forum.