Vesc tunning help

Hello Everyone

My name is Dylan and I am building an electric mountain board. I have a dual 6374 190kv motors with 2 vesc connected to 3. 4s 6000mAh 14.8v 50c lipos so, 12s total in parallel. The reason for the post is i wanted some help because my wheels spin but, i want to get the most out of the board. I have a 12t pinion gear and a 48t sprocket. So any advice that would be great thanks. Dylan

The size of you wheels (200mm , 250mm something else?), the type of transmission (chain, belts, gears), your terrain (flat, hilly) etc would help in order to provide better suggestions.


I think you mean series.

What are you asking for? settings? something else?

Hey Taz They are 200mm and it is chain driven. Mostley flat.

Looking mainly for setting.

What VESCs are you using? If you’re using something with decent heatsinks you could try this as a baseline (per VESC) and go from there.


motor max/motor min/battery max/battery min

Im using Torque boards bdlc vesc

You have 4:1 gearing which although a little tall for 200mm wheels, if you ride in flat terrain it should be fine.

Do you want us to suggest vesc settings? If so then you need to provide more details on the components, cooling etc.

Some base figures are 80A bat / 60A motors -40A bat /-40A motors

I wouldn´t go higher than 35A batt max on tb vesc without any additional heat sink or cooling.


True. I had the total battery amp draw in mind when I wrote this, the way unity is setup.

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Cool I have to give these settings a try. I currently have no cooling at the moment.

than take this settings and set the half of the batt value in each vesc. the vescs are in parallel so they the totall batt amps add up, keep that in mind.

Will do. Thanks Andy87

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sorry,small edit… only the batt amps are half half.

the motor amps are for one side :sweat_smile:

so to not confuse you, it´s like this in each vesc:

batt max 35A

batt min -20A (would start with -15A)

motor max 60A

motor min -40A (if brakes too weak set it to -50A)

To help you further adjust keep in mind the following:

If your high speed brakes are too strong increase regenerative battery value (eg go from -35A to -20A).

If your low speed brakes are too strong increase the negative motor value.

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Cool thanks

Thanks Andy87