VESC v3.34 firmware for macOS hig Sierra

Why would you sell the same ESC’s with different firmware? I recently purchased a second motor and ESC from Torque boards and the ESC thank God has updated firmware. “The current version works perfectly fine but lets upgrade it so that people need to download multiple versions.”. The problem is it’s the v3.34 and I cant find the v3.34 firmware for macOS hig Sierra. Any Suggestions. I don’t have a cord for connecting my Phone to my ESC. That will be my next purchase I guess. I wish that people would leave well enough alone with the firmware updates! More of a pain in the ass than anything.

Hi, checkout this GitHub It is not the latest vesctool but joy can flash and program your vesc

That’s the first time I’ve ever heard someone complain that they got the latest and greatest :grinning:.


I made a PR for both ackmaniac and Vedder’s GitHub repositories to enable Travis CI that would solve this problem, but neither has been accepted.

It would be pretty useful to have a releases tab that everyone could just go and download the latest VESC tools and firmware files like every other open source project. :expressionless: