Vesc version thread and release information

Lately all over the forums I’ve been hearing about different softwares that have replaced BLDC tool. I’m sure there are many of us including myself who are not clear on what all of the different options are for Vesc software and the different types of Vescs. I’d love to make this a thread that people can reply to with information about the latest and greatest things available.

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Currently, you have really only 2 options that I am aware of (Not including old versions of BLDC Tool):


This the official new VESC Tool that was designed for the new VESC 6.0. It has been updated to work with most recent iterations of the VESC.

You also have @Ackmaniac’s take on the tool. His tool adds Esk8 specific features. (Love your work btw)

Direct Link:

I have a 4.12 Vesc that I ordered from

It is frustrating that it advertises this Vesc as the latest version…

Is there a thread or place that has every version of the Vesc?


No, there isn’t. Just know, 4.12 is technically still the latest because 6 is still in Beta. And 2.18 Firmware is the latest firmware that was made for 4.12. The new firmware comes with the new tool.

That makes sense, thanks.

Is there something to read that explains/lists the changes from 4.12 to 6?

Currently, I know if has a 4 layer PCB, its square with heatsink made for it, better support for larger motors (though I don’t know why that is) and I’ve heard it has an erpm limit of 100k and it runs more stable in FOC mode.

Anything false/needs to be added?


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