Vesc (vesc version x,y)? lost

firmware which was originally 2.16 now says version x,y and firmware to old tried all firmwares available none seem to work or connect please help!

What vesc did you have? Latest version should be 2.18…

Edit: your bldc tool is too recent for the firmware on your vesc, so you need to update your vesc to the firmware 2.18

ive tried to upload and I get buffering erase timout

vesc hw 4.12 firmware was 2.16 old windows style

where did you get your bldc tool… also have you try to close everything and reopen them (just in case you’ve got communication problem with the bldc tool)

I have tried these options bldc tool came from its a nightmere

Are you talking about this web site … If not maybe give it a try it should work.

did that but when trying to upload firmware it says erasing buffer timeout

where did you bought your vesc… and have you’ve ever try to upgrade it before

Dave (pychotiller) I believe they came from ollin.ive never upgraded just programed with2.16 which I was helped with it was running in FOC awesome for about three months.

Maybe you can try using a old bldc version … the 2.16 is still available

that’s what I used originally and have tried again today but it just says firmware to old andvesc x,y

I think you might have a corrupt bootloader

that’s what I was thinking but how do I fix that

thank you for your time and effort much appreciated my man

you need a StLink programmer

there a procedure for it on vedder web site you can take a look at it, but it is for linux

shitty I suck with Linux but thanks again

but does it still work on your board ?

correction both motors now work w/ different remote other one wasn’t binding I guess but still don’t know why I cant get bldc to read configuration

Just to put it out there the x,y thing was caused by the pc I was using not having proper drivers and updates things working as should be I happen to have now. thanks for your help Also Dave told me you were gonna be doing some drv fixing on vescs I happen to have two Id love to send you. Let me know where to send and what you need and ill make it happen thanks brotherman.