VESC won't connect to VESC tool

I have bought a Flipsky FESC off ebay. It says it is a 4.12 VESC but I cannot get it to connect the VESC tool. my battery could be low as the previous esc fried over 5 months ago and I havent been able to charge it since. when I plug in the charger though it will make the ‘beep bop’ windows sound registering the device but wont appear on my device manager. I can connect to it (has solid blue light), but when I try to set up motor it flashes red then disconnects. the motor makes a small whine like its about to start up but it doesnt move.

any tips on what I am doing wrong? i keep getting this error message; Status: Serial port error: The I/O operation has been aborted because of either a thread exit or an application request.

thanks in advance

Charge the battery then come back.

I have given the battery a charge and it still only likes to come on with the power cable inserted. I have been able to sort of set it up, managed to get the motor to spin for 1/2 second then the VESC disconnects. i have tried different cables and still getting the same response.

any help would be great as I just want to get back out and ride my board.