VESC wont spin or detect motor

Hey guys, this is my first eskate build, but I have experience building FPV quads. I bought a flipsky 4.12 vesc and a flipsky 6374 190kv motor. I can connect the vesc the vesc tool, but it wont detect the motor. The Blue and Green LEDs are solid, Red blinks red three times in a row repeatedly. I’ve searched around and it seems like this means the DVR is bad.

My Journey: Everything came in the mail and I soldered connectors to everything and plugged it all together. I opened vesc tool and hit auto connect. It connects and then I go to “setup motors FOC.” I get all the way to “Run Detection.” I click it and nothing happens, the motor doesn’t turn or make any noises. Then it gives me the error “Detection failed. Reason: Sensor detection failed”. The motor spins fine with an RC car ESC. From searching here it seems that this most likely means I need a new VESC. Any thoughts? Thanks!


I got a raptor 2.0 and my 10s battery gets cut out at 30% on the capacity any help happened after I re programmed :::

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guess you did not see warnings that flipsky is the lowest quality esc vender with poor to no support.

buy a new battery and if you can’t do that then build a new battery.

Thanks for replying! Actually I did know that and I took the risk. However, my question is whether it is actually unusable or if there is a solution that I am unaware of. Thanks!

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check the actual fault by typing faults into terminal.

then contact flipsky and shout from the rooftops if they do not help you.