Vesc-x fault_code_over_voltage

Guys, I started to have this issue today, the board cutted out several times leaving me with no brakes or throttle.

The cause of the fault was over voltage, however, during the cutoff, the voltage was perfectly normal at 47.5V. I’m runing 12S battery and two FocBoxes.

These are my VESC settings:

motor min 65.0 A motor min -65.0 A battery max 40.0 A battery min -8.0 A cutoff start 36.0 V cutoff end 33.6 V

Would you please take a look at my log?

The red bars are the time the VESCs went offline.

Both Vescs cut off? Do you have the full fault code?

Whats your Maximum Input voltage in the settings?

Guys I disassembled the board today to check for visible problems and I found the culprit.

So, one more thing learned today: whenever you have FAULT CODE OVER Voltage, your VESCs start to reboot and you loose brakes or throttle for 3 seconds, then you have a broken nickel strip or bad connection between packs.

When I first build the battery pack, I used flat braided cable in order to have a flexible pack, this is really a bad idea, those will break with time or a flexible deck, no matter what, at that time I added a 14awg wire to increase the flow of current between the packs and after today’s inspection I realized none of them were broken, so today I decided to remove the flat wire and add a second 14awg wire between packs, this is going to hold much better keeping the flexiness of the battery pack.

Board is back on the track, riding like a dream no more cutouts or reboots!


What was the original flat braided wire did you use for the series connections?

Maybe use a flat buss bar instead of cable between the groups

I got them from Kaly with the enclosure

You mean copper stops instead of nickel?

like this

Hey just had the same fault code while riding my lonestar. No power to the motors but the board turns on and works. The stormcore lights up, any idea how to get it back up and running?