VESC-X will now be called "Enertion FOCBOX Motor Controller"

VESC-X will be now called “Enertion FOCBOX Motor Controller” OR simply "FOCBOX"

In accordance with the terms published here:

Enertion Boards PTY LTD will no longer use VESC on any products.

Over the coming weeks, we will work to update our website & marketing materials in accordance to the guidelines.

Some commentary on this topic for those interested.

I personally believe Frank (Trampa) & Ben Vedder (VESC project) are working with the best intentions to ensure the best possible product is made available to the community. There is nothing easy in this world & they are both putting it all on the line and working tirelessly to make an amazing product. I applaud their efforts.

Whether it is a popular decision or not, the steps they have both taken to protect the VESC name are a very positive sign for the esk8 industry, it’s a sign that our beloved industry is maturing & becoming a legitimate industry that’s worth investing in & protecting.

All the Vendors, Small to medium business & Larger business that supply goods & services to the Esk8 community should be proud of what we have built. Together we are better & the consumer ultimately wins in the end.

Finally, If you don’t agree with a particular vendor or company strategy, motive or ideology the best thing you can do is spend your money elsewhere. Arguing or complaining is unnecessary, the market will always determine what the correct decision was/is and the results will be undeniable.


Don’t you have to add “Based on VESC® open source project” ?

you have a trademark on FOCBOX? That was fast :scream:

Nice name btw!

I am always amazed that people can still believe in the old Adam Smith fairy tales.

This hardware is not VESC, it’s a FOCBOX

however, we are using the VESC firmware/software so if we want to describe that somewhere in our marketing copy we must write FOCBOX with VESC® Software

we will continue to link to the source on the product page, as we currently do


Yes, since we cannot use the now protected mark VESC, we must protect our MARK…

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Didn’t it take months for BV to get his trademark. How were you able to do it this quickly? Also wasn’t it super expensive? trampa always says how much money it cost them to get the TM for BV.

I have no idea about TMs so I am genuinely interested how the process works.

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hahaha that’s the best name ever.

So now we’re all a bunch of FOCcers?

Here’s some clever marketing for people who like to run it in various other modes:

FOCBOX. Not just for FOCing.

So what the FOC is even in these things now?


We have applied in Australia. We will also apply for trade mark in EU. US. CHINA

Overall we will need to spend a few grand to protect this name in our target markets.




That’s a FOC’n terrible name


Hi Jason, I will tell you all my opinion about what Trampa did and what is happening about the Vesc name. It was made by Ben, but I think it was made for the community, also because it is open source and every shop that sells Vesc said that donate a part of the money to Ben, if it is true, I don’t know, but I think that the exclusive use of the brand “Vesc” for trampa is something that is not very cool, but what could we do?

FocBox is an Awesome name, it literally says “Our product don’t burn in Foc mode”

I really appreciate you Jason, for creating this Forum, for everything you did to start a Diy Electric Skateboard Community, you was my hope to don’t spend 1500$ in a BoostedBoard, I need to say, Thank you!

Ítalo, Brasil


Well, that didn’t take long:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thats Awesome! Can I get some FOCBOX stickers for my 4 Xs??? :wink:

I wonder if Vedders software will change to include hardware integrity checks. Meaning, it will only work with the real VESC.

Ah this I can use…

here goes


Ahhh shoot didn’t work for me either :dizzy_face:


It hasn’t even been a week and I can see how confusing this will be for costumers who are new to the market.

I guess I need to jump on board and change the name of my app. I think that people should be able to use the word VESC, as long as it has some other sort of identifier, like the X in VESC-X. Name’s should tell people about a product. FOCBOX tells me nothing, VESC-X tells me it’s a variation of a VESC. VESC Status tells people that your going to see the status of your vesc, whether it be a VESC-X, VESC 4.12, VESC 6, ect. VESC is a generic term, and I don’t see how anyone besides trampa benefits from this. What term can I use now that refers to all of the variations of the VESC?

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i’m starting to wonder that myself. On one hand it means that there will be a flood of newly branded ESCs to choose from… on the other hand they’ll all be basically the same under the hood. It could potentially cause a race-to-the-bottom scenario while the groups of less scrupulous vendors compete for customers on price and start to cut more corners. Maytech for instance selling only 10S rated 4.12s with sub-par components. They told us they were tested at 14S. Maybe 14S LiFePo for about 10 seconds… we cooked our samples in 15 minutes flat. Meanwhile the X’s, Ollins, and older Enertion PCBs are still going strong after months of the same kinds of abuse.


What I can see is that theres a problem with everyone who sells VESCs 4.12 not using the original BOM, but selling under the same name as the original. Not all VESC 4.12s are the same BOM, so any variation should be forced to change the name slightly. I think if some guy creates a VESC-ABC, and it sucks, the community will learn that the VESC-ABC is bad, and avoid it. But I don’t see rational people associating the problem to vedder or the VESC. How can me using the word VESC to describe my app hurt the image of the VESC?

If someone makes a slight variation of a product, using 90%+ of the original product, forcing everyone to rename their stuff will result in mass confusion and products that aren’t accurately named to inform the customer what they are really getting… I would never accociate the FOCBOX with a VESC, even though most of it is still a VESC…

It cant, but if a 3rd party can co-op the name VESC, they immediately have brand recognition. Additionally, if they can keep you from using the name VESC they can stop your brand recognition which in turn increases the chance that they will get the sale. Its pretty sleezy in practice.

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@akira I suppose you prefer to believe the old Carl Marx fairy tales?