VESC6 sk3 and sk8 6374 motor temp cut off

Hello! VESC6 Dual is being used. Trampa mount board. Wheel pulley 66T motor pulley 13T. FOC Mode. Use the sk3 and the sk8 motors, and take the motor temperature cut off. Flat surface driving. Does anyone have the same symptoms? Is there a solution?KakaoTalk_20180814_142656266KakaoTalk_20180814_142656857KakaoTalk_20180814_142855385

You mean you cut off because your motors become too hot? Which motor kV you use? What you mean with ground drive? Flat surface most time you drive? Are you mixing different motor kV?

Your motor and batter current looks pretty high for me(90a and 160a). Can you see somewhere your average motor and battery current? Sorry I‘m not familiar with the ackmaniac app.

Edit: :see_no_evil:ok have found there is the field in the right down corner which Shows the average values :see_no_evil:

did you install a temp sensor yourself? The SK3 does not have one.

Flat surface most time you drive?

  • Flat drive(not hill). VESC6 motor temperature is high and is shut off. Motor did not mix. SK3 6374 192 kv 2EA and SK8 6374 192 kv 2EA. Symptoms are the same.

I ordered it directly from the factory.

How about your gearing? Maybe your belts too strong tiden and the motor need to work stronger than usually? Or something else block them? Bad bearings🤔 but can’t imagine as it is the same with different motors


Using a chain is 10-15 degrees lower. I think it is still higher than other motors.

Wow that is cool :slight_smile: I love my sk3 motors from HobbyKing… The only thing i hate about them, is the lack of sensor option. This is sick… How did you do that ? And do you think its possible for others to buy this model also ??

Yea would be interesting where to get sensored SK3. Thought they just sell unsensored

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Here is the sensored SK8. I just got mine in the mail today, can’t wait to get some VESCs so I can use the sensors

I know about the sk8 series and that they sensored. In the picture above there you can see a sk3 and they usually come without sensors. That’s why i was wondering where he got the sensored sk3 from.

Probably custom made. You can buy hall sensors on their own and install then yourself. The SK8 series is exactly the same as the SK3 except with sensors and a closed can

can you share, where you bought these sensored sk3’s? you contacted turnigy and they sold you a single unit?


Ehhm, ok…I don’t think anybody else is riding these :slight_smile: A sensored version of the SK3 has never been spotted before until you posted that image.

As others have mentioned, also interested in where you got it from.

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haha, ok…interesting that they were released way back. Thanks.

You can get them right now from bkb (in black)

Still waiting for my original SK3 to die. They refuse.

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