Vescing the koowheel

Hi guys. I’m turning my koowheel into a possible monster. Just need help from you I’m stuck. Vesc 4:20 dual. Vx1 controll. Koowheel original dc motors. 10,4 ah 36v

How the hell do I turn on the vesc for programming? I don’t know where to connect the power on button? :stuck_out_tongue:

On the reciver white is s, red 5v, black -, brown vxt, orange vrx. Where to connect to on/off button. To turn the on vesc on.?

The vesc doesn’t have a built in switch, so you’ll have to wire your own into the power leads.

Check out https://forum. this forum is dead.

Thank for the help I sorted it out. The shitty Chinese bms is at fault. Tried another battery. Now working and setup finished. Just have to build a case. Then I will meet the spring and say fuck off to quarantine Corona :grin: