Vescs for sale! Price reduced

These have been collecting dust for a while. I figured someone could use them in a budget project.

Pair of vescs. 4.08 hw and 4.12 hw. They work perfectly together. These are not meant for use in mountain boards or super high draw situations but are great for other set ups.

Asking $120 shipped in the US. $140 worldwide.



Can you check your pm please

Bump to top price reduced

What are the specs of these @barajabali ? How many Amps and erpms these sustain? Whats the maximun battery configuration I can use with them? I plan on using unsensored Tacon 160 Bigfoots, 245kv motors. Whats their brand by the way? They are still in the box but planning on using them soon.

Didnt you buy this vesc from bara?

edit: nvm


Yeah, I got those.

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