VESCs Randomly died while setting up the CAN bus addresses

I know this is an old thread but are there any tips to not kill these, i got 2 brand new form diyelectricskateboards, and followed all their instruction and they died completely. They are being resent but i am afraid to configure them and kill them again. I suspect they may not have tested them completely as they claim to do because i used all 100% their stuff, 36v li ion battery, and have a lot of experience with this stuff, didn’t reverse any polarity at all and just totally frustrated. Any tips on this, i see some talking about the Y adapter, but have read that the voltage differences under load can cause ground loop issues and kill the VESCs.

Don’t switch on or off only one esc while CAN Bus connected. Don’t disconnect the can bus while your esc are on. If you use y-split for your ppm instead of can thsn cut the middle wire on one of the ends. I think that’s pretty much all.

So plug everything in together, xt90 parallel connector, CanBus connector, motors, then plug in correct? Seems really easy but want to be really clear, nothing like seeing $200 evaporate in front of your eyes.

Can you confirm the VESCs should indpenently be setup 100%, then plug it all in together, or are you supposed to hook all the wiring together, then configure via usb together after they’re all connected?