VESCtool app and bluetooth - says old firmware but I am on 3.56

Hi folks,

I purchased a flipsky bluetooth module and now using the VESC Tool app on an android. I can connect but it states i am in “limited mode” due to firmware of the ESC being old. Yet I am running 3.56…

I have a Dual 6.6 Plus esc from flipsky btw.

Any help appreciated

might want to check out the thread on vesc 6.6 i had the same problem. good news is new version out now vesc tool1.26 and new firmware. Now i only get the issue 1/2 the time. :wink: funny i can run the wizard 1/2 the time and the other half it gives bogus firmware version once you update you should be good but it might take reconnecting a few times.

Thanks mate. I updated to latest vesc tool, updated the vesc app and now all is working. Its good to be in the road and be able change settings via phone…