Vine tyres or something else?

I am cuurently building on a second hand mountainboard i bought and the tyres are somewhat wore off. So i am thingking on replacing them But i have found Out they have horrible traction, especially the ones with motors. I mainly do offroading and the tyres are better at digging than pushing. I found this tyres

wich look like they have nice offroad traction so i was wondering ir anyone has tried them or can recomendad something else with nice traction Thank you very much

I’ve got similar tread tires - primo strikers… they also have ‘‘flat’’ middle section and some ‘‘grooves/ teeth’’ at the sides… they work okay on hard packed roads… but they struggled on the snow (single drive)…

I assume for pure off-road, perhaps, ‘‘knobby’’ tires would be the ones to go after… though let’s wait for someone else to step in… just thought to help out with pushing your thread in the front :smiley:

Thanks for the info. And the push. Were could you get those kind of tyres shipped to Spain ?

Check uk mountainboard sites. Trampa and atbshop should be your options