Volkswagen E-Up! Li-Ion cells

Hey Nexo, great to see that you like these VW cells! I want to try them on a new project but cant find them nowere😞 Were did you get them from? Were the new or salvaged? Appreciate your help to get my hands on these, thank you…

Nice to see your enjoying the E-UP cells. (I believe i was the one to sell them to you) I have lots more cells on stock so anyone located in Norway can contact me if you want cells like this.

I now also have the Panasonic 37AH cells but, they are spot welded toghether at the terminals. That makes it more difficult to make an 1P battery, but i did make one 14S1P using an MIG welder.

What are the dimensions of panasonic cells?

14,7 cm x 9 cm x 2,5 cm

Here is an test i did, comparing the two cells… remember, they are physically the size!


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Nice, whats their condition? I need a solution for a solar pack Can you post some pics?

I am in Norway :sweat_smile: You have some more info and pics?

The car had only 5000 km on the meter when it crashed, so they are basicly like new condition. Just to be clear, sending Lithium batteries over boarders are an nightmare as its considered dangerous goods. Needs to be packed and labeled accordingly, so i simply will not do it.

I have sold to many Germans and they come here by car to pick up batteries.

For more info about the 37AH cells, check my add here:

For small solar storage i recommenced 14S3P setup (48V, 5,7KWH). If you need bigger i would look at Nissan Leaf cells. I once build an 14S10P setup for my house (arround 33KWH) using Leaf cells.

Hva er pris per celle for 37ah panasonic versjonen? Hvis det var mulig å splitte de opp til enkelt celler. :blush:

I am only selling complete modules, and you get them in 12 cells 2500 kr/260 euro and 6 cells modules at 1250 kr/130 euro. Cutting them up and selling cells one by one makes little sense.

I see, do you know the C-rating of these? I cant see to find it myself.

Gls is the way to ship batteries

Hard to find the specs from Panasonic. But i have customers that have tried up to 600Amps on one single cell…

Myself i have tried 4C continuous from full to empty and they did not get hot at all.

I would not charge them more than 2C without temp monitoring and lowering current when about 90%SOC. Stay below 0,5C and your safe.

Arent these from Samsung? :thinking:

I have just seen an article that VW changed their supplier from samsung to someone else i think panasoni

I think it is opposite. They changed their supplier from Panasonic/Sanyo to Samsung.

Ah sorry. I sell both Panasonics (25AH) and Samsung (37AH).

Okay. If I understood right, the Samsung (37ah) ones doesnt have screw terminals?

Correct. That makes the Panasonic cells much more easier for the DIY battery builder.

Then for an solar storage, you can build an 14S12P battery using 14 modules.