Volkswagen E-Up! Li-Ion cells

hi there,

some time ago I was going through internet and looking for li-ion cells to make new battery for my EMTB

I was using lipos so far, but this is not a good source of power and I can clearly say that to EVERY PERSON that will try to use them to power high-drain builds: “this is crap”. They supposed to be 10C constant and 10Ah but reality was a bit different. Voltage sagging, puffing cells, unbalanced cells, etc.

I decided to go with li-ions and then I found THIS:

Volkswagen’s E-Up! electric car li-ion cells. 12 cells in a pack, configured as 6s2p, but that can be changed easily to 12s1p. 1 cell 3,7V, 25Ah, 5C constant, 10C peak, 147mm x 90mm x 25mm, +/-700grams each. They are quite big, but that is not a problem with mountainboard.

I got them loaded to 3,7V each and checked capacity. Here are the results when fully loaded:

Now I need BMS, proper charger and a good weather to try it out :smiley:

What do you think about it? Did you try something like this before? Share your thoughts, suggestions, questions. :wink:


so what is this chemistry? I suppose it is not the crystal cell, pretty good mha tho

i found informations like this:

Lithium NMC.

So it’s Lithium Ion with Manganese and Cobalt. Pretty solid transference.

Sorry I read wrong chart but refer to here

it is Nikel Manganese Cobalt

it doen not seems to good for mtb cuz it’s rated for 2c at max.

for 2c 25ah u will get 100amp for 6s2p 50amp for 12s1p. which is okay I guess.

but if it is indead 5c cells than u r golden. good luck

Yeah, having the nickel kind of neutralizes the fun.

They are heavy. With Samsung 30q cells you get roughly the same capacity (6P) with 270g instead of 700g.


Cost? 10 char


I once came across a lithium-titanate battery pack in a similar form factor on eBay going cheap. Believe it was taken from a forklift or something. Discharge and charge rates were pretty awesome (like 150a charge!), but that was the only good thing about it. Energy density was low, the pack weighed 6kg, and the nominal voltage of each cell was 2.7v or thereabouts.

Around 250$

holly for the whole thing?

might be a bit off topic, but i assume you used the hobbyking multistar batteries because of the 10c. they really are crap and not at all 10C, more lik 2 to 3c. This is why nobody will recommend them to you. I know of some people that the 20-30C Zippys work fine and i’m personally using 12Ah 15C Graphene cells without any problems. Maybe just a heads up for future lipo purchases.

On the other hand the VW cells look really awesome and i can’t wait to see how they perform :smiley:


Sorry to hear about your negative experience, but any lipo that is a true 30C or higher at 8000mah will blow away most Li-Ion setups when it comes to amp delivery (in my case 2S2P). The majority of amp hungry mountain boarders use Lipo.

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25$ per cell

@Acido, even cheaper actually, I paid 250$ for 12 cells :wink:

@Der6FingerJo @telnoi I get your point guys, I used crappy lipos, so I got crappy results, but I think it is worth to try those VW’s packs anyway. Then, maybe, I will be back to lipos, who knows :slight_smile:


Yes of course, trying them will be great :smiley:

ok, I did a short test (weather in my city is horrible now)

I took my board for a ride, I did (according to google maps, forgot to switch on endomondo…) 17,5km = around 10miles.

+battery was loaded yesterday +start-up voltage was 49,1V +temperature outside 7 degrees Celsius, 44 Fahrenheit +setup: EMTB, 2x6374 190Kv, 2xFOCBOX, motors set to 50A max, batt max 15A (just for safety, I am going to change it back to 65A and 25A) +hills, hills and once again hills, some of them pretty steep (wheels were spinning) +heavy and oversize load :smiley: board is around 20kg and mine “waaaaay over” 90kg

After that, when my face was frozen I came back home, battery voltage was 45,0V.

I was completely shocked during that ride, voltage sagging during full acceleration was around 0,7 Volts! I am currently waiting for BT module so I will be able to upload some charts from BLDC app.

O checked each cell and they are balanced quite good: LV: 3,71V, HV: 3,75V. << NO BMS so far


@Der6FingerJo I am in love with those VW cells :wink:


That’s great! :smiley: And that is with a fairly high kv board too.

A neighbour recently offered me one BMW i3 cell, but unfortunately he won’t give me 10 of them to put in series :smile:

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I wish i had the space for them…

this board is ridiculously fast in that setup :stuck_out_tongue: …or maybe it is just too fast for me, anyway, going over 40km/h on EMTB is a bit different than 40km/h on a longboard

@Der6FingerJo I found info that VW is actualy resigning their contracts with Sanyo for those 25Ah cells. They will use Samsung’s 37Ah cells which are THE SAME SIZE THAT 25Ah…that means that maybe in a future I will be able to change my battery for even bigger without changing box :stuck_out_tongue:

@Acido yes, they are big, I thought that I will be able to use them in original enclosure, but no way…I designed a simple box that will make that 12s look like 2x6s lying on their side, that will make them a bit higher (which I dont care) but deifinitely less wide and it currently printing :slight_smile: