VOLOKNO fiberglass enclosures

Big Box


External - 63.5x23,5cm (24.8x9,05inch)

Inside - 59x18cm (23,2x7,08inch)

Minimal depth - 44mm (1,73inch)

Concave - about 13mm (0,5inch)

Price - 85$ incl worldwide shipping with tracking number

IMG_20190720_194437 IMG_20190720_194516 IMG_20190720_194621 IMG_20190720_194652 IMG_20190720_194835

that big box fit a hummie deck with 12sp8 20700b, picture coming soon.

@eLDoska How thick are the 5p PCBs? What current are they rated for? How wide + thick is the Nickel strip on the PCB? (I guess the last 2 questions are asking the same thing really :smiley: )

would you make something smaller? looking for a enclosure that’ll fit my lil 10s2p pack and some focbox’s. Something like this L12’’ x W6.5’’ x H2" ?


i made this pcb for mostly 30q cells, so about 75A

there is no nickel on on the pcb. it is tinned copper. it can be 1 or 2oz by request. copper pad is 20x87mm

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not yet, maybe later. but if you need something smaller maybe you will be interested in my deck+enclosure IMG_20190619_195144 IMG_20190624_144230%5B1%5D %D1%80%D0%B5%D0%B4%20(11) Deck: 67x23.5x2.1cm; hole: 15x35x1.7cm


very nice…saving post for unknown future build lol love the cases

Thats a cool lil integration but I’m only in need of a enclosure at this time!

Ah yes, copper, my bad. Looks to be perfect for my needs, I won’t be pulling more than 50A anyway :slight_smile:

Will send you a PM to order.

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Did you just add like a curve gasket on the curve parts on the enclosure ? I’m planning too use enclosure as well for a hummie deck

0.5 inch curvature i believe

im getting the enclosure early next week i believe.


First build, so many errors, been uphill, rocks, grass over the past week.

i will buy again :slight_smile:20190817_142652


Any left for sale

sure. what one you need?


Experiment with luminescent powder was successful :slight_smile:

12S4P universal enclosure - 77,5$ incl worldwide shipping with tracking number


How about for 12s5p?

if your battery has 2 layers, you can take big box - up to 12s8p https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/volokno-fiberglass-enclosures/96504/21

if you battery is has one layer - i can make you a modular enclosure like on my integrated deck. one part will cover battery, oher - electronics. between two parts will be a rubber seal


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