Volt Meter question

I’m in my first build and I want to add a Volt Meter with a battery percentage to know when I’m low. I have 3 5000mah 4s 25c batteries connected in series. What do you guys suggest?

Voltmeter threads a plenty.

Here’s one

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with Lipos its better to monitor voltage than percentage. Because low voltage can be critical with Lipos.

How do you mean? It’s the exact same thing? One is expressed in voltage the other in percent, they both resemble the same value though? The voltmeter measures for example 3.2V x AMOUNT CELLS and will say 0%. Or that’s how I suppose it works.

From the experience I have had using both methods, I feel that percentage is not accurate enough and with Lipos, low voltage can be critical. I have ruined brand new Lipos by over discharging them one time. Once they get down to the low limit, they fall off fast. So I prefer to monitor voltage. If you do decide to use percentage, I wouldn’t recommend taking Lipos down to zero.

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I’ll be using a VESC, so I guess it doesn’t matter anyway. It’s just an indication of how much I’ve got left, the VESC decides the cutoff voltage.

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I have a VESC already but just to kind of get an idea of whats going on underneath the board so to speak.