Voltage sag cuts off FSESC - help a noob with first build


So I have 10s3p pack with Sony VTC6 and Flipsky 4.12 ESC. After giving a full throttle my fsesc disconnects and shows under_voltage fault. What is wrong?

If it helps, here are my settings:

You have selected 12s select 10s in the wizard.

It’s just kinda creepy watching you snake around here like a theif in the night.

Thanks for the reply, but I did not apply these settings to my cutoff voltage range, so its just an indication

Oh ok then if your hitting a cut off it could be from your bms whats the max discharge on your bms? Make sure the vesc setting do not exceed the amount the bms is rated for. If that’s not the problem run the motor diagnostic again it may fix your issue.