VX2 remote not showing battery level

I just got the new FOCBOX unity and everything works perfect expect the VX2 pro remote does not show the battery level. Any help is appreciated. Thanks In advance!

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It’s dead mon.

I assume you are on the 23.46 or something firmware on the unity ? Switch your remote side to FSESC in stead of FOCBOX and give it a bit of time to get the battery level (battery settings need to be right too on the remote)

Yes I just updated the firmware as soon as I got it but the remote have been on FSESC as it only shows the speed on that setting. I have the battery set to 10 cells and I’m using a 10s3p battery. Still no luck tho

Oh sorry man, it’s the other way around. 23.46 with unity app --> focbox mode 5.1+ official --> fsesc mode

Turns out charger was broken, only outputting 19v and battery was not charging. So it was dead mon

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Hahaha sorry mon🤙

What do you mean by “give it a little time”?

Are you familiar with a clock? There are little marks on there.